Skrips in resources section?

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  1. Hello everyone,,
    i recently recognized, how many skripts where present in the resources section.
    My first thought: Why do people post skripts in here? This should be reserved for plugins only!
    My second thought: Well ok, many people use skripts to do lots of stuff...

    So overall my suggestion is:
    A new section for Skripts in the resources area.

    Maybe inside the "bukkit" topic or inside "bukkit -> libaries / APIs".
    But i think skripts shouldn't be in the same section then plugins, it has to be seperated, because these are completely different things
    A voice in my head still tells me silently, skripts shouldn't be posted in the resources section at all.

    How does the staff think about it? Was there any official statement about skripts in the resources section yet?
    If not, it's now time for spigotmc to make an official statement, how skripts get handled as resources.

    Looking Forward for replys.

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  2. Im not sure if you are trolling or blind, but there is a Skript section

    Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 11.00.50 AM.png
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  3. I think they mean skripts shouldn't be in the same section as plugins since they aren't the same, but they also don't belong on the resources page at all?
  4. No, the OP was asking why there is no Skript section, and why scripts are randomly spread out in other categories.
    1) There is a Skript section, and its placed appropriately.
    2) There are some scripts spread out in other sections, because some people, like the OP, clearly dont know theres a Skript section to post scripts in.

    The fact the OP said:
    Maybe inside the "bukkit" topic or inside "bukkit -> libaries / APIs".
    really makes me think they're trolling, since there is no "bukkit" topic, it was changed to Spigot weeks ago.
  5. Oh, I was confused by them starting with
    Then saying
    My bad.