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  1. Dear all Skripters who are posting Skript's in the resource section that say "Tested on Minecraft version 1.13"

    At the time of me writing this... there is no working Skript version for 1.13.
    "Tested on Minecraft version" DOES NOT MEAN you have your skript on your server, and players (1.13 clients) can connect to your server using ViaVersion.
    "Tested on Minecraft version" DOES MEAN that you have Skript and your script running on said version of a SERVER.

    If you do not understand the difference, PLEASE stop posting resources.
    The stupidity in this case is just getting unreal, and the arrogance as well.

    I asked one person how they have tested on 1.13 and their reply was "Its a 1.8 server and I use ViaVersion so players can connect using 1.13.. DUHHH" That just makes you look extremely stupid.
    If you are not specifically testing your skript on THAT server version, DO NOT check the box that says that server version.
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  2. oof they all got eXposEd
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  3. HAHA Yep, now hopefully some of them will actually READ this!
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