Spigot [skript] ChatFigures 1.5

Use things like ★ with ease

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    [skript] ChatFigures - Use things like ★ with ease

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  2. busy adding commands to make them easier
  3. This looks very cool, I only have a test server right now, but if I had a public server, I would totally use this.
  4. Thank you!
    Cool Example
    IF you use this command
    /chatfigures add red &4
    Then you can color text red like
  5. Skripts are easier to make, and are not as heavy to the server, as jars.
  6. And at the last, I nearly don't have to update much, as long as skript is up-to-date or thier addons (Which i did not use).
    And i can update and upload it much much faster. (You can do more with the less disk)
  7. But if you want it, i'm gonna learn java now. Remake this plugin. And cry in a corner!
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  8. Even tough i havent time for this!