Skript errors when moved to MySQL

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  1. Hello. I've got some Skript errors in console when i run Skript command:

    [01:23:04] [Skript variable save thread/WARN]: [Skript] Cannot write variables to the database 'MySQL example' at sufficient speed; server performance may suffer and many variables will be lost if the server crashes. (this warning will be repeated at most once every 10 seconds)
    [01:23:04] [Skript variable save thread/ERROR]: [Skript] Skript cannot save any variables to the database 'MySQL example'. The server will hang and may crash if no more variables can be saved.

    Thanks in advance!;)
  2. Put your
  3. You configured it entirely wrong. You're supposed to copy the samples in the config and paste them at the very bottom (but ahead of variables.csv) then uncomment everything/edit it so it's relevant to what's being stored.
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  4. Errors still occure. :/ I'm using TheWinuXs' cfg. I use this script:
    Command /top10(from this script) causes this errors but i still think it's something wrong with my db. Shall i set some permissions to it? I use MySQL on my Debian server.
  5. There is too much information which is exchanged in the second.
  6. I use csv now and when i switch to MySQL will it work better?
  7. CSV is faster it and made less lag the server
  8. Or use the pattern
  9. So shall i use punkty::.* pattern?
  10. database 1:

    type: MySQL
    pattern: stats.* <-----------------------------

    monitor changes: true
    monitor interval: 10 seconds

    # == MySQL configuration ==
    host: localhost # Where the database server is located at, e.g. '', 'localhost', or ''
    port: 3306 # 3306 is MySQL's default port, i.e. you likely won't need to change this value
    user: root
    password : pass
    database: stats

    database 2:
    # The default "database" is a simple text file, with each variable on a separate line and the variable's name, type, and value separated by commas.
    # This is the last database in this list to catch all variables that have not been saved anywhere else.
    # You can modify this database freely, but make sure to know what you're doing if you don't want to loose any variables.

    type: CSV

    pattern: other.* <----------------------------

    file: ./plugins/Skript/variables.csv

    backup interval: 2 hours

    The variables which begin by "stats" are save in MySQL database
    The variables which begin by "other" are save in CSV file
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  11. nah just punkty
  12. It warns me all the time. :/ But thanks for trying to help me. :)
  13. My server backs up certain variables in a bdd and I have no problem ...
  14. In this script there're lots of datas to save and it can cause problems.
  15. My server welcomes more than 100 players. But I have no problem ...