Spigot [Skript] FakePlayers 2015-02-21

fakejoin, fakeleave, fakechat, fakeop

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    [Skript] FakePlayers - fakejoin, fakeleave, fakechat, fakeop

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  2. I'm not trying to complain about this or plugins like this. I just want to know why anyone would use something like this. Wouldn't pleayers be angry joining a server that says it have players just to find out it was all fake?

    Again, please don't take this as a complain. I am really curious about this.

  3. @sketaful You don't view the fakeplayers in the player counter, the fakeplayers can be seen only in the chat :)
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  4. I love this script
    I troll all my friends!
  5. Support for this plugin is terminated.