Spigot [Skript] [GUI] Hats! Customizable 5.0

Set custom hats in a gui menu!

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    [Skript] [GUI] Hats! Customizable - Set custom hats in a gui menu!

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  2. Add a command like/hat (slotnumber). This way, you'll equip the hat you have in that slot. :)
  3. What do you think @Spiral ?
  4. Will do an update command will be /ehat (number)
    example /ehat 0 to equip slot 0's hat
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  5. download skript it will make a folder inside the plugins folder called skript inside that folder is another folder called scripts drag the hats.sk into their and then download SKquery and put that in the plugins folder

    Downloads: skunity.com
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  6. Only one feauture left to make it supreme. A command to unequip the head. That will be awesome. And maybe permissions per slot.

    hats.head.(number of slot)

    :) My five review is ready, but i don't have my computer to download the next version. Expecting one today.
  7. Hello, the script plugin doesn't work anymore its doesn't work for any versions 1.7 or 1.10 fix this ;) if you need help send me a message ;)