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  1. Hello, I'm creating a GUI to use on my server, tho, I got sutck
    Im new to skript
    this is my skript

    Code (Text):
    command /test:
        open chest with 3 rows
        format slot 0 to diamond sword to close and then run "make player execute command /warp pvp"
    tho I have 2 Errors

    please help
    Im using SkQuery for the Gui
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  2. You have 2 errors in that script:

    1: in "open chest with 3 rows" you need to specify to which player you want to open it and then name of the Gui, so
    Code (Text):
    open chest with 3 rows named "&7Test" to player
    2: format slot needs "with" instead of "to", to close and then run is correct if you remove the "and", you are still missing the player and "to run" and "to close then run" requires [] and not "" so
    Code (Text):
    format slot 0 of player with diamond sword to close then run [make player execute command "/warp pvp"]
    I hope I was useful
  3. Wow, thanks a lot !
    What if I wanted players to take the object from the GUI?
  4. Code (Text):
    format slot 0 of player with stone
    [Not tested]
    Code (Text):
    set slot 0 of player's inventory to stone named "Test"
  5. Thank you !

    Anyways dude, I wanted to post a premium script tho I cant seam to do it, why?
  6. No problem

    to post premium resources you need to read all this, and have completed these requirements:
    • 8 week old account
    • 80 posts + 20 positive ratings
    • 3 free resources
    • Two-step verification enabled
      • Save your backup codes (print them out)! We will not reset accounts who have lost their backup codes.
  7. And how do i get so many posts and ratings?
  8. Just help other people solving problems and if the helped gui will find your post helpful then he will probably give u a + rating
  9. Oh, okay, thank you a lot
  10. No problem, if you need anything else just ask
  11. Help others on the forum. If I were you I would also start on making more free resources before uploading a premium one.
  12. yeah, You need 3 free resources too before posting a premium one

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