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  1. Skript Version: 2.2-dev25
    Skript Author: Mine
    Minecraft Version:1.11.2
    Full Code:

    Code (Text):
    on first join:
        broadcast "§8[§b§l+§8] §7%player% §b§l(NEW)"
    On quit:
        set quit message to  "§8[§c§l-§8] §c%event-player%"
    On join:
        set join message to "§8[§a§l+§8] §a%event-player%"

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    Addons using (including versions):

    Him i'm trying to make it so that when a player first joins the server they will get the First Message, and removing the last message witch is the Default Essentials one. After that i want it to show when that player comes back on it will show it green while when they leave it will show light Red.


    Have you tried searching the docs? Yes
    Have you tried searching the forums? Yes
    What other methods have you tried to fix it? Yes
  2. You need to disable first join announcement in the Essentials config.yml.

    For the announcement (the first join message), you need to edit (in the Essentials config.yml) the
    Code (Text):
    announce-format: 'welcome playername to the server!
    and change the value (Forgot the exact message :/) to
    Code (Text):
    And for the different join messages, use this.
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