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  1. Hello,

    I am trying to make a scripts that drops custom items on chanche when someone mines an ore.

    I've gotten quite far but I need help with the NBT data. I found out how to set name, lore and enchant. Now I want to add the hide enchant itemflag, I tried that but it cancels the glow effect aswell. Which it normally doesn't (looking add bossshop).

    This is what I have so far.

    Code (Text):
    on mine of diamond ore:
            chance of 50%:
                    drop a coal of sharpness 1 named "&6test" with lore "&aTest||&bTest"      
    I found I should use skstuff, with that I can do 'with custom nbt "{HideFlags:1}"' I tried that but as I said it cancels the glow effect too.

    Can someone help me with this?

    Thanks for reading.

    - DarkBoomba
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  2. There's a section in the spigot plugin development for help with this thing.
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  3. Didn't know that, thank you.
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  5. what r the errors?
  6. Why doesn't it work? Do you get some errors? If yes, can you post your errors here?
  7. Adding the hideflag NBT doesn't give any errors, it hides the enchant from lore as it should but it also cancels the growing effect.
  8. I need the following item to be dropped, these are the data that bossshop read from the item.

    Code (Text):
      - type:INK_SACK
      - amount:10
      - durability:8
      - name:&eMob Dust
      - 'lore1: '
      - lore2:&7Exchange this into other items at the Mythics shop.
      - enchantment:MENDING#1
      - itemflag:HIDE_ENCHANTS
    Can anyone give me some suggestions?
  9. At what event?
    on mine of stone:
    drop ....
  10. Yeah on the mining of iron_ore for example. I can figure that part out, I just need to know how to make it the right item with NBT tags.
  11. oh, that i dont know how to do

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