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  1. I need help with Skript. Im trying to do a stack of items with upgrade, but i dont have any idea how to do that.

    if player's tool is any sword or any axe:
    if {krysztal:toksycznosc3:%player%} is true:
    set item's lore to "%coloured lore of item% || &f-&7=&8&l{&8&l}&7=&f- || &2&lToxic III|| &e&l+6.0 DMG on hit"
    set {gem:toxic3:%player%} to false
    remove 1 {@gem} with lore "&2&lToxic III|| &e&l+6.0 DMG on hit" from player
    add player's item to {toksycznosc3::*}

    ^ adding lore to item and adding to stack {toxic3::*}

    on damage:
    if attacker is player:
    if attacker's tool is in {toxic3::*}:
    increase the damage by 6

    ^boosting damage by 6 if item is in stack {toxic3::*}, but it doesnt works.

    I want to boost damage of all items who have toxic3 upgrade. Do you have any idea how to do this and help me?