[Skript] How do i format this Skungee command?

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  1. Hello, i am working on a Bungeecord server and i had an idea to send a message to all players (via the title bar) which will let them know that the server is about to shutdown. However, i don't know how to format it properly. There is no error message, but it is putting it in text format (tellraw format) instead of in a title. How do i format this and how can i read this so i know how to format others in the future. (<< What i mean by this is what do the "()" and "[]" mean? I assume one means optional but i'm not positive. I assume "[]" is required and "()" is optional). Anyway here is my code:
    Code (Text):
    command test:
            send  "&4Hello &c%player%&4!" to bungeecord players
    I also tried this:
    Code (Text):
    command test:
            send title to bungeecord players "&4Hello &c%player%&4!"
    And here is the wiki format i am talking about (Skungee):
    Code (Text):
    (show|display|send) %skungeetitle% to bungee[[ ]cord]] [(player|uuid)][s] %strings/players%
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  2. Try this:
    Code (Text):
    show bungee title "Hello" for 5 seconds to bungee all players
    Btw something like (option-a|option-b) means you HAVE TO choose one of them and something like [option-a] means you don't have to add it.
  3. No, that didn't work. Thanks for the meaning of "()" and "[]" though!
  4. Anyone have any ideas?
  5. Try this:
    Code (Text):
    set {_title} to bungee title "Hello" for 5 seconds
    show {_title} to bungee all players
  6. No, that didn't work either :/
  7. Yeah that is kind of weird. Maybe @LimeGlass can help you?
  8. Skungee titles don't work, they do nothing, it goes to dead coding. Spigot doesn't have the Bungeecord Chat API (Or atleast all of it), it's mainly for Bungeecord which sucks for socket systems, so making a Title is alot more complex then it needs to be and thus is why I attempted it and haven't finished it. The title syntax is disabled anyways which is why Skript thinks that it's a different syntax.

    You can use the evaluate function or Skungee messages to send data across the network, here is an example:
    Code (Text):
    #Place this code below on any server that you want the Title to be executed on.
    command /titlebroadcast <text>:
            send skungee message argument to "Title"
    #Place this code below on any server that you want the Title to be displayed on.
    on skungee message from channel "Title":
        if skungee message contains "||":
            set {_elements::*} to skungee message split at "||"
            #Titles below is from Skellett
            show a title from "%{_elements::1}%" and subtitle "%{_elements::2}%" to all players for 5 seconds and 10 ticks fade in and 15 ticks fadeout
            show a title from coloured skungee message to all players for 5 seconds and 10 ticks fade in and 15 ticks fadeout
    Example usage: /titlebroadcast &6title here||&4subtitle will be displayed here

    don't use the || to make it just a title.

    This is using Skellett for the titles. Place this on any servers you want the title broadcast to be present.

    You can alternatively place this in the GlobalScripts folder in the Skungee folder on Bungeecord and it will make a network command with support for this.

    This might not be present in the latest Skungee, use the one from Github: https://github.com/TheLimeGlass/Skungee/releases/tag/1.0.6b
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