Skript is being overused

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  1. Skript was never intended to be used on the scale it is being used by some servers, it simply dosent have the speed nor the functionality to compare to a plugin written in java.

    Its fine to experiment on your server if you dont want to learn java or just want some trivial features without restarting your server (like a /info or something command) but it cannot even come close to handle something like an advanced minigame or claiming system.

    Finally i find that the primary people who over use it are kids who like the syntax (and usually have really long if chains) and overuse it the most of all like a server i was just on that had a skript anticheat and custom factions plugin which you can probably guess how bad it was (im pretty sure all the data was loaded into memory because the server kept broadcasting 14gb ram nearing full)
  2. Well, you're not going to be able to stop people from using skript, or stop how it's being used
  3. Why did you make this post? To make us aware of the issues about Skript? (Which we already know)
    Right now it sounds like you are just mad over something and you want to give Skript a worse image.
  4. What's the point of telling us this? Obviously, skript is not as powerful as java. That's why it's called "skript". There is nothing wrong with making a server out of .sk files. People can make their server however they choose to do so. It's not being overused. It's being used in the way the creators of skript intended. Don't give skript a bad image just because their code is more simple than using java. Java & skript are both different things. Both are useful in their own ways. Skript is alright for simple projects but when it comes to developing a large project, skript won't be able to do that.
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    No matter how you put it Skript is another layer added. Skript is parsed to Java and then to byte code which the JVM interprets. It won’t ever in any case outperform Java.

    Skript isn’t performance wise good to use for large scale projects which is an increasingly larger disadvantage the larger a project is.

    Skript is ok for commands or simple features as the performance difference will be almost unnoticeable, but not for large scale projects.
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  6. I find skripts hard to read and maintain as well when they are large scale. Especially minigame and custom enchant ones.
  7. Skript only really makes sense for smaller scale projects.

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