Spigot [Skript] Kyle the noob response bot 1.2.5

Hate noobs? Let kyle do the work for you.

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    Kyle the noob response bot - Hate noobs? Let kyle do the work for you.

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  2. Simple plugin, but pretty funny :p. I get this on my server a lot This server is gay af, or this server is dumb (or stupid, boring, lame, more) And other interesting names.... Add something for these?
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  3. I am on it :)
  4. @IHazSugar I updated to your requested responses. Thanks!
  5. Looks awesome! Just a question on how to install! When I download it I get a .sk??? I changed it to a .jar and it still didn't work...
  6. This is a Skript... This is not a plugin. It has the full functionality of a plugin. All you have to do is install Skript. When you install it restart/reload your server. It will make a "skript" folder in your plugin directory. Inside of the skript folder there will be "scripts" put the .sk file in the "scripts" folder. Then reload the server and the plugin will function :)

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  7. Alright!! I just got it working! Sorry i'm new to this whole "Scripts" thing!
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  8. ;-;
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  9. what if someone said 'I hate people who say 'I'm bored' mkkk?'
  10. I believe it won't but if it does I will look into it.
  11. don't you check if the chat message contains 'I'm bored'
  12. Nice. Possibly add more responses?
  13. Of course. If you have any requests please share them.
  14. It's your plugin. ;)
    Just was a suggestion!
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  15. Does this support local broadcasts to not send the broadcasts globally?
  16. No it doesn't. I can see about creating an option to do this.