[SKRIPT] Message not sending to all looped players! MiniGame Skript [ADVANCED]

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  1. Hi there! So, I have a skript that is a minigame. So, this is how you play: Once 2 players join, the timer starts for 120 seconds. After that, one player gets chosen to be the hunter. The non hunter will get teleported and can hide, when after 30 seconds, the hunter gets teleported and tries to kill the other player. That is all I have so far. The limit of players is 12, and, I haven't skripted this yet, but if the hunter kills the player, the player turns into a hunter, and they kill the rest of the players. So, this is my issue: A player joins, and gets teleported to the hub/waiting room of the game. After the 2nd player joins, only the 2nd player sees the "starting in 120 seconds" message, and so on. After 120 seconds goes up, he gets teleported to the spawn and now the countdown starts for the other player. It is like there are 2 games, but only one. I have tried every solution I have thought of, so now I am here, asking you guys for help. This has been bugging me for a while! Thanks a lot guys! I really appreciate you guys! :)
  2. Woops! XD I forgot to put my code in! Lol! Here is my WHOLE code (SnowmanHunt.sk) - https://hastebin.com/amuqebikis.vbs Line: 20 - 92 are the lines that you should look at because that is where the problem is, but if it isn't just there, Im sorry that the code is so long xD Thanks a bunch guys! :)
  3. Also, it doesn't tell the 1st joiner that the 2nd player joined. Thanks guys! :D
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  7. You need a Tab/4 spaces at Line 23
  8. There is no error in my skript reload message though... It just says a warning
  9. Should I still try it?
  10. Do this
    Code (Text):

    if {sh.playercount} is 12:
                    message "&c&l!!  &7That game is full! Join back later!"
                if {sh.waiting.boolean.%player%} is true:
                    message "&c&l!!  &7You are already in a game!"
                if {sh.start} is true:
                    message "&c&l!!  &7A game has already started! Join back later!"
  11. I thought the spaces wouldn't make a diffs, and I was right. Somebody please help me! :) Thanks
  12. Here is a new link to my code (updated): https://hastebin.com/ihidigajen.vbs I am at the point where I feel like I should restart the WHOLE snowman minigame and start again from scratch. Tell me if I should do that, or if I am stupid and I should fix what I did wrong and keep going! Thanks a whole lot guys! :)
  13. Nvm! I figured it out! :) :) :) I am so happy! Thanks a lot guys!
  14. Well, no. Now, the messages don't work XD I don't know why :p If someone can explain that to me, that would be awesome, but yeah! :) Thanks, Ill try to figure it out on my own if nobody knows how :D
  15. Alright. This is ticking me off, and I have had it. Screw what I said above, but I need your guys' help. Here is a video so I don't have to explain it because I SUCK at explaining... Thanks... Enjoy :p
  16. No video...?
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  17. Sorry - Uploading to YT - 1 sec
  18. Sorry guys! The graphics are complete CRAP! Im so so so sorry, hopefully you guys can tell what I am doing! Also, I never upload (I just made an account xD), so don't get mad at me because I didn't edit :p Thanks
  19. Oh! My bad! The graphics turn VERY well here! On youtube they are horrible xD Skip to about 2:15 - The rest of the video is a complete WAIST! Sorry xD