[skript] multiplying variables and overall getting numbers into variables in chat

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  1. first of all: im new to the forums and im not sure if this is the right place if not please tell me where
    im trying to get this prison stuff im working on to well, work
    first my numbers into variables in general
    on break of stone:
    add 10*1.8*{fortune::*}*{greed::*} to {money::*}
    but whenever i reload the code i get a error saying something like 10*1.8*{fortune::*}*{greed::*} cant be added to {money::*} because the former is not a object
    ive looked on the internet but i couldnt find a solution anywhere on the internet
    my second problem is this
    chance of 50%:
    add 1 to {crowns.%player%.amount::*}
    message "&a&lyou got a crown"
    so it does say the message but when i do this command to see how many crowns i have
    command /crowns:
    aliases: /c
    executable by: players
    description: "See how many crowns you have"
    cooldown: 5 seconds
    cooldown message: &aChill out please!
    send "&aYou have &4%{crowns.%player%.amount::*}%&a crowns"
    it always says: "you have 0 crowns"
    why and what am doing wrong
  2. also how do i make a code section like i see in other posts, as i said im new to this and to skript
  3. Strahan


    I can't answer your Skript question, I don't use it. But as to the code section, use [CODE] tags around the code.