[SKRIPT] Ore generator with permissions

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  1. Hey! I want to make an ore generator with permissions for my skyblock server.
    Something like: if player is at rank Beginner he has a chance to get iron ore from generator, but if he is at rank Novice he has multiple chances to get iron ore from generator. Thanks!

    Code: https://pastebin.com/7Ds7JDnh
  2. bcz I like to use skript. I think its very good for server performance like a plugin kills a lot of server performance. And btw I use spigot.14.4 last ver.
  3. Can you verify this statement? Why should Skript be faster than Java? Lul.
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  4. Not sure that compiling the skript into java and then running the code is actually faster than just running the code, lol.
  5. Mhm.... But any help for this skript pls? :)
  6. I just lost my last 2 brain cells. If you used a plugin which killed your server performance then you used a bad written plugin, not that skript is better than plain java (lmao).
  7. Okey, but I really need some help with this skript pls....
  8. Sometimes its easier to make use of useless arguments than saying "I want to use Skript, I don't know Java cuz it is too hard to learn, but still I want to make MY own plugin"
  9. Man, I really don't want to make my OWN Plugin, I just want to make a skript like a oregenerator. That's ALL :D
  10. But there must be a real reason, since you're still wanting this. Im just curious.
  11. Yeah, I just like skript....
  12. I don't care if people *like* skript. By all means go for it, but what you said there is absolutely incorrect and it's literally the exact opposite. Skript literally is a wrapping language around Java. Skript gets translated into Java at runtime. That can never be faster than just writing Java directly.

    Other than that, @MasterCake it's not necessary to shit on a thread for no reason.
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  13. No need of getting vulgar here, lol. I obviously had my point, it is a legitimate question to ask why he wants to use Skript for this. Perhaps he wants to reimplement an existing plugin in Skript because of missing features, who knows?
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  14. Yeah...but please, just help me to solve that skript bcz its not working and I really need it...
  15. Well, since you're using 'on block form' in your skript, I would assure that this event does not have a player reference included in the event, simply because the player does not interfere with the event anyhow. Therefore, instead you should be calling 'on block break' and ask whether it's cobblestone, as this event will definitely have a reference to the player who has broken the block.
    Also, if the skript throws some error, could you paste it here? :D
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  16. Thanks a lot! Mark it as solved, pls. :)
  17. It's your thread, only you can mark it as solved. There should be an edit thread button.