Spigot [Skript] OwnGearArena 1.5

A PvP Arena using the player's own gear. Random spawns & configurable XP / item / durability loss!

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    [Skript] OwnGearArena - A PvP Arena using the player's own gear. Random spawns & configurable XP / item / durability loss!

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    Spectator Mode

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  3. Negatives (because I'm a pessimist):
    1. You don't need to do "to player", after every message. If there is a player in the event Skript will do that for you
    2. The variables under "variables", are only set once and not per player (use on join to set them)
    3. For the variables under "variables", you swap between %player% and %uuid of player% throughout the script
    4. Use "else if...:", and "else:". It'll improve performance as Skript doesn't have to go through loads of useless ifs
    5. I don't see this posted on http://forums.skunity.com - I really do suggest posting it there. It's where all the Skripters are and you'll have much more usage by sharing it there too
    6. Check if a player has permission once, rather than loads. Example:
    Code (Text):

    command /hello [<text>]:
        if arg 1 is "hi":
          message "Oh hai"
        else if arg 1 is "cya":
          message "bye :("
        else if player has permission "something.wateva":
            if arg 1 is "admin":
              message "[email protected]"
          message "Unknown command there buddy"
    1. Complete message customisation is nice
    2. Good use of options to allow customisation
    3. Great work making use of json.sk
    4. Help menu is pretty
    5. Clearing/deleting/removing variables is a good idea, saves space
    6. I love how you use the proper if statements instead of those crappy in-line ones
    7. Commenting the code is a good idea
  4. Thanks for your input! I'm glad you liked the listed positives :)

    As for the negatives, I'll definitely have some of those done for the next update. (Except the "to player" part in messages, I actually like to use this, so I always know at a glance who the message ends up at.)

    Especially the "else if" and "if" part. I've actually gotten in to the habit of using that more since I created this skript, and performance should probably be priority, second only to functionality.
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