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  1. Im creating a server info GUI in skript, and i wanted to know, does Skript have placeholders that display server info ( tps, ping to the server, players on, players total, ) and player info ? ( ping to the server, ip-may not even add this, money count and rank ). And, does it have support for PlaceholderAPI ?
  2. Yes. However, for them, you will need skExtensions. I would suggest looking under expressions in the SkUnity documentation to find all types and their usage. Types allow the usage of the syntax %tps%, %[type]% function.
    As for external APIs, you can search for the API name and see which extensions support it.
    Hope that helps!
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  3. That helped quite a bit, and not only about placeholders! Thanks alot!
  4. you're welcome
  5. and i wonder why you even replied to a 2017 thread.