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  1. So, I have this command that is perfectly fine and 100% working, but I want to change the usage message. Is there a way I can fix this (Look at the screen shot) without changing it to [<offline player>]?
    Code (Text):
    command /gmc [<player>]:
        permission: xephyr.admin
        permission message: {@nopermission}
        usage: {@incorrectly}
        description: Change your gamemode or another player's to creative!
        aliases: /gamemodecreative, /gm1, /gamemode1, /gamemodec, /creative
            if arg 1 is not set:
                send "{@prefix} &7You have changed &9%player%'s &7gamemode to &9creative&7."
                set player's gamemode to creative
                send "{@prefix} &7You have changed &9%arg-1%'s &7gamemode to &9creative&7."
                set arg-1's gamemode to creative

    Also is there a way in skript to a command as in op (without quickly oping the player then deopping)

  2. Is there any Message.yml or Message section for the Skript?
  3. with skUtilities you can make player run cmd "something" as op
    there's probably no other way than changing it to offline player, if you want it to be online only, just add "if arg 1 is offline: do something"
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