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  1. Hello guys. I have a skript I am working on and basically it has a scoreboard in it that has a timer that counts down from 5:30 minutes.

    The issue: whenever a single person is online the skript and the timer works perfectly fine. However when a second or third person is online the clock counts down 2 times as fast. Meaning that a true 10 seconds is counted as 20 seconds on the scoreboard. Please help :)


    The Glitch (clock counting down 2x as fast):
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  3. what's the point of this?
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    I am showing you a way to correctly count down on the scoreboard?
  5. Thanks for the reply, however the scoreboard worked fine in the first place, the problem was whenever 2 people were online it counted down 2x as fast. Don't worry tho, I already fix it myself :)
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    My answer fixed your count down problem and gave you a more efficient way to do the scoreboard. However, I am glad to see you fixed it yourself.