Spigot [Skript] Soulbinding 1.1

Bind any item to your soul

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    [Skript] Soulbinding - Bind any item to your soul

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  2. I understand the plugin prevents the player from Losing the soul bound item at death, but could this plugin be expanded to also work to where the soul bound item could not be used by another player? So in other words, say i give players a kit, and have the items in the kit soul bound to that player, is it possible that if those items are ever given to another player, that the item would not be useable by other players, or maybe not allowed to be placed on the hot bar? I know its a longshot and probably out of the scope of the plugin but figured id still ask.
  3. I have no idea if you still use the forums, but it is possible. You would have to assign permissions to be allowed to use the items. This was done on a server called Skyblocky (it's dead now) where you could use a "Koala Claw" that changed whenever you hit certain blocks to the tool required to mine it. You had to have a specific permission to use the Koala Claw and that was included in the Koala rank.