Spigot |Skript| Token System [1.9 compactible] 2.0.2

Nice and clean Token system on Skript. Very easy to use and setup!

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    |Skript| Token System - Nice and clean Token system on Skript.

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  2. The external site's download was removed, just letting you know.
  3. Oops sorry!
    Going to update it now.
  4. Will do mate!
  5. Would you be able to create a command to remove tokens from a players ballance?

    Many thanks!
  6. There is a reset command which will erase all tokens from the player, but are you asking to remove certain number of tokens from the player?
  7. Hi, thanks for updating so we can now remove a certain amount of tokens (great for shops :D) would you be able to make it compatible with MySQL, i would have done these things myself, but i'm kinda rubbish at skript, i can just about do the basics lol, thanks :D
  8. Where we got Script 1.9? : v
  9. Thanks man! :)

    You don't its just compactible with the new version of minecraft.
  10. hey bro im trying to make a custom sk plugin

    command /xpbooster:
    take token blah blah
    i want it if they dont have enought tokens it will message "&cError! You need more tokens!"
    or is it automatically?
  11. You have to add a "Checker" to check if the players have enough tokens.
    Download my script you can see everything from there, you need to add a simple check line to activate that feature.