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  1. Hey someone can tell me how to go from 1 gui to another gui with skript? eveything i have is done i just want to know

    example: you type /menu and opens inventory, theres items like planks tnt and when you click on tnt it opens to other gui i hope you understand me :F
  2. Here, i hope this has helps i have a pastebin for you i also have pasted it at the bottom add my discord for further help Neico#5657
    command /menu:
    aliases: /mu
    permission: menu
    permission message: &cNo Permission.
    open chest with 2 rows named "&b&lmenu" to player
    wait 1 tick
    format slot 0 of player with tnt named "&aidkk" with lore "somethinggg" to close then run [make player execute command "/menu1"
    command /menu1:
    aliases: /mu1
    permission: mu.1
    permission message: &7(&c!&7)&cSorry No permission!
    wait 1 tick
    format slow 0 of player with bedrock named "this is the 2nd gui" with lore "i hope this works" to close then run [make player execute command "put a command here"]
  3. Hey so I actually had trouble with this aswell but this is how I fixed it I'll write a quick haste bin!

    Here ya go
    (NOTE WARNING) You're going to need 3 ticks because it doesn't open with 1 or 2 ticks!!!

  4. you have a menu open then all you need to do is create a second command as the main command / menu and the secondary: / 2menu (example), it is important to put in the second and the first menu> wait 5 ticks so that no bug , to go from one to the other put in> to close then run "" that way> to close then run [make player execute command "2menu"] so you will go from one to the other, sorry English is not my default language! Hope this helps