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  1. I have tried for years to learn java. But now I was told there is some skripting stuff? I saw a plugin on bukkit skripting is that the one?

    I also saw some skripting plugin here on spigot that required like 3 other plugin for it to work?
  2. I'm pretty sure the Skript plugin you found on bukkit is the one you're looking for. Documentation for skript can be found at as well as the addons, which increase the amount of events, expressions, effects and condiditions there are. Learning skript isn't hard, just go through the documentation and read the default skripts, which are automatically added to the Skript folder upon first start. Then you'll just need to come up with a nice idea, and try to work it out.

    You can start simple, by having something like:
    on mine of diamond ore:
    loop all players:
    if the loop-player has the permission "staff":
    message "%player% mined a diamond ore!
    (Can't format it well, as I am on my phone, lol)

    Good luck ;)
  3. Also, you can pretty much use any textwriter for it. I would recommend to use Notepad++ though ;)
    Just save your files as .sk
  4. Thanks alot!

    What is the bad thing about skripting? And What the good stuff? :p
  5. If you need help private mesage @mathhulk he should be able to help you he is a skript god :)
  6. Thanks i will ask him if i need help :)

  7. Also here are some websites to use
  8. I could also help you if you want me to :p
    There pretty much no bad things about it, and it's easy to learn, easy to write, fast and fun ;)
  9. Don't bother with the skript rubbish. Continue learning java as you were; it will get you further.

    For one: skript is an interpreter written in java, also an interpreted language. So java is at the core of skript so why not learn it?

    You don't just limit yourself to minecraft if you learn java. You can do whatever you want if you learn it.
    Also, you can put that you know java on your CV/resume; you can't put skript on it.

    If you are worried about having to put too much time in to learn, don't bother with this. Languages take around 10 years to master: think what you could do after 10 years of a language. Now think about what you could do after writing 10 year's worth of plain English skripts... Nothing.
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  10. Java is harder to learn and 10 years is a lot of time if you just want to make a few plugins for minecraft. I know it's better for the future, but for everyone else that doesn't has any further intrest in coding except for writing a few plugins for their minecraft server. Also, skript is way easier and you'd be surprised of what you can do with it. Like really, I can make a 3 line skript that works prefectly and does what I wanted it to do. I do plan on learning java at some point, but for now I'm fine with having Skript and I don't have any issues with it.. at all. On top of that I know quite a few developers of big servers, that use Skript to code. Skript is easier, faster and more simple than anything else. Java is harder, but allows you to do more. It's a matter about personal prefference
  11. I know you're a skript zealot so you are obviously gonna like skript. But this whole wall of text is insinuating that he shouldn't learn just because it's harder and that you are suggesting skript because it's easy. If you keep on taking the easy route, you won't get far with anything.

    If one just wants to make plugins for minecraft, they should put effort in and actually learn.
    It's like me saying I want to become a quantum physicist but I don't want to learn quantum physics so I'll just not bother. Everything takes effort. If you are passionate about something, learning it will become less tedious.
  12. I can like the basic but im like giving up when i dont get how to make the command etc. Where did you learn java?
  13. I was also looking at some scripting plugins they could do kinda the same ass java plugins?
  14. I taught myself the wrong way. I started in making plugins and learning java concurrently which is not a good idea. I used old tutorials like pogostick29dev and messed around with things myself. I didn't get very far and almost thought of giving up because my lack of knowledge of java was holding me back. I took a month or two of actually learning the language and continued. Now I'm 3 or so years in to the development and know a lot more than just minecraft plugins.

    As for giving up: you just need the right mindset. If you're determined, you won't mind spending hours figuring something out yourself (like I did.) Also, don't be afraid of asking people for help; that was one of my fears when learning. I feared people would make fun of my knowledge if I asked.
  15. Pretty much yes. And the fact that it's easy is a benefit, but the fact that its quicker makes it even better. I'm not trying to start an argument here, both off them are good and it's everyones own choice.
  16. Yes, and I understand that. Some things might be easier and quicker for the purpose which I agree with. However, the mindset I'm getting from you is that you can't even be bothered to learn as you think skript can do it all and therefore you are a programmer, which you are not. Mindset is everything, you know.
  17. I personally don't like skript after year using it. It's great to create something small like messages and small events. Plus is very easy as well But it definitely is not good to create larger script such as minigames or any type of large events. Cause a lot lag even crashes over 40+ player base with large scales code of skript. I prefer with custom/regular java plugins.
  18. If you're looking to just make some addons for your server, and don't want to use coding in your future career - I'd say go for Skript.
    Otherwise - Java is probably the way to go.
    there's like 20 of us skript gods on skunity ;)
  19. mathhulk

    mathhulk Retired Moderator

    There are. @JKGamerxD, @DarkShadic1337, @LimeGlass to name a few. In fact, there are even a few Java coders that took up the scripting language in their free time, such as @Rezz who has created multiple APIs for Skript using scripts.

    Now, all this talk about Java vs. Skript is bullshit. Both Java and Skript have their pros and cons, and both of them are great languages to take on. Now, I am not saying that Skript is equal to Java. Skript was in fact written in Java and, yes, it has slower trigger times. However, this does not mean that you shouldn't learn either or both of them. It means that they are both useful in their own ways.

    As I said, Skript does have slower trigger times and may cause lag for some servers. However, Skript is a language not meant for LARGE server communities, but rather some smaller communities who are in a do-it-yourself mood. This does not mean, in any way, that Skript is better for smaller communities, but it does give them an EASIER way to create projects they feel are "custom" to them and their server(s).

    In fact, scripting counts as programming, coding, or whatever you want to call. I do not want to start an argument here, but according to the definition of programming, "the action or process of writing computer programs", scripters are in fact programming for Minecraft servers.

    Yes, Skript is easy to learn. However, Skript is NOT faster.

    I don't think any of us are telling him what language to learn. He simply wants to learn Skript and that is why we are replying to this thread. We never said that he should not learn Java. In fact, Java would be a great language to learn. I, myself, want to learn Java, which is why I am starting to take up JavaScript first.

    Skript and Java both have pros and cons. Skript is easy to learn, but it slow and doesn't have all triggers of Java. Java is tedious to learn, but it is faster, and much better. However, Skript can help teach new coders, programmer, or whatever you want to call them how to it themselves.

    Personally, both Skript and Java are great languages. However, overall Java is better. This doesn't mean you shouldn't learn one or the other though. Taking up Skript is a great way to start. Then, you can start on Java after you have mastered the writings of Skript.
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  20. Didn't mean skript is faster, I meant the fact that the learning process and writing skripts takes way less time ;)
    I'm also a skript writer, but I haven't posted any of my scripts yet. However I do plan on uploading a few resources in the future :p