Skull without textures ( Rate limited by Mojang Api? )

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  1. HI, when I use /skull Notch (or what else) I got this:
    Skulls without texture (1 week ago it was working well)

    Server version

    what's wrong?
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  2. I think this is a bukkit/spigot/minecraft bug. As the command is /skull, I will assume that it's a plugin. What plugin are you using?
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  3. [​IMG]
    I'm using the same plugins from the start, I didn't add a new plugin (just update)
    Now the users can't see their skins
  4. If the users can't see their skins, there are two reasons for the problem:
    • Server is in Offline Mode (Cracked Mode)
    • A plugin is preventing the skins from being loaded (Normally a plugin that changes the tag above player's head)
    I assume that /skull is from essentials. If so, it's a essentials problem or the textures aren't loading because of the same reason for the skins.
  5. I tried in online mode, and still not working
    I don't change something about tags

    And i'm using the last version of essentials (from jenkins)

    I think is something about spam mojang api, but I don't know why
  6. Are you sure that the Mojang skin API wasn't down?
    And try to use "SkinsRestorer"
  7. yes, I just remove that plugin, and the skins still not working
    I posted the issue to the developer

    but the skins and skull are wrong without the plugin too

    1 week ago all was working perfectly!
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  8. Try to do /sr set *SkinHeadPlayerName* *SkinHeadPlayerName*
    Then the skins are updated -> I think the heads are updated too.
  9. I thinnk I'm blocked from mojang api by SkinRestorer or something like that
    I guess, that's the why no body can use skins and /skull appears without texture :(
  10. No, Skins Restorer is using the API, try to delete the "SkinsRestorer" folder and create it new by the plugin.

    You need to turn the API on, too. (config)
  11. I know about and SkinRestorer but is weird, why I'm blocked from mojang?

    since 2 days ago I removed SkinRestorer from the server but the problem persist
  12. Just wait and they're going to unblock you. (my experience)
  13. thank you sir
    just for comment I'm sure about my server blocked from mojang because I run a backup of my server on a vps and another host and all is working well.

    and I have a question:
    if in a world there is a lot of decorative skulls (like breads, apples, pokeball...etc) can I be blocked for that?
    there is a way to keep them in cache?

    If SkinRestorer is not guilty I think that is about skulls, when they unblock me I'll be blocked again xD
  14. SkinsRestorer have a cache but I don't know more ._.
  15. excuse me sir, I'm hosting in OMGSERV and I found this (from 1 year ago)

    Are they limited again?
  16. [​IMG]

    ...the issue still in my server :(
  17. Don't use a shitty host