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  1. Hello everyone,
    I have a problem, I want to give a player a head with his skin. Somehow, something has changed to the earlier versions, so I have no idea how to do that. (Have already asked other developers for help, but they have no idea of the new version(1.13.2) ...: c)
    Thanks for any help ^^
  2. Still works the same for me. I think they used offline players now though as well? I personally don't use the API but store the players skin data on join so I can just apply the skin directly to the skull with the nbt tags. Doing this also makes it a bit more reliable on loading the skins onto skulls I've found.
  3. I will try it ^^
  4. Skull is a subinterface of BlockState. In other words, after verifying the block's type is the material enum value of a player skull, you can cast its BlockData to Skull and use methods like Skull#setOwningPlayer
  5. ..It's not a resource..

    remove the tag before my ocd acts up again :d
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