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  2. Hey, I have two questions about this plugin. First, I assume it uses custom world generation and i'm wondering if things like biome and bonding boxes for thing like fortresses still generate? Second is there a way to set it so the spawn when using /sb create spawns you in the nether and not the over world?
  3. 1) Biomes all over the skyblock world are set to THE_VOID to provide empty world. So fortress can not be generated ;(
    2) Umm... No. I decided to make progress for players so when they enter nether portal for the first time new possibilities are provided :)

    Maybe you need another skyblock plugin which contains things u need.
  4. Yeah, i was looking to build a skyblock like protosky, where you start with only one nylium, fungus and bone meal, then only one grass and lava block in the over world. I do however like how you have this plugin setup, from what i can tell this is the only skyblock plugin that supports 1.16 and doesn't just use small plots with borders with in a larger world. Thank you for your reply but yes without structure generation this plug in would not suit my needs. also i asked about the plains thing because that is the biome that shows in f3. Thank you again and good luck with the development of this plugin.
  5. Well i will think about this feaatures. But currently i don't know hot to do them xD
  6. While they are definitely something i'd look forward to seeing, the rest of the plugin is great so far though. very much like the world edit style sheme set up. From my understanding though, how the mod they use does it is they use a standard random seed world gen, then they just have a listener for the block generation event and it deletes the blocks as they spawn. then leaving the void with the biomes and bounding boxes for structures generated. I'm very excited to see the direction you take with this and thank you greatly for taking my thoughts into consideration.
  7. Hi, great plugin !!! Unfortunately, the vault economy does not work. I'm using 1.16.5 server and Vault 1.7.3-b131 and Ultimate_Economy 1.2.8. I am getting the following message in the server logs:
    [20:40:10] [Server thread / INFO]: [SkyBlock] Enabling SkyBlock v1.1
    [20:40:11] [Server thread / WARN]: [SkyBlock] Loaded class net.milkbowl.vault.economy.Economy from Vault v1.7.3-b131 which is not a depend, softdepend or loadbefore of this plugin.
    [20:40:11] [Server thread / INFO]: [SkyBlock] Vault found and hooked!
    [20:40:11] [Server thread / INFO]: [SkyBlock] Plugin enabled!
    ... "
    In the settings, I have the option turned on:
    #Use vault economy use-vault: true
    and set costs.