Skyblcok server always has low tps

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  1. I suggest adding an entity clear plugin and have it clear every 5 minutes. Adding a mob stacking plugin may help too. Remove every unnecessary feature/plugin and check your console for server overloading errors and what could be causing them. Hope that helps!
  2. What's your host?
  3. personal computer with E3 and 32GB ram
  4. I tried already and the tps is still low. e.g. clearlagg
  5. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    tps of 53 players
  6. That's ur problem cause of your pc use a host
  7. so what is the problem?
  8. your players have mob farms which are lagging your server.
  9. And your pc you should get a host cause if u don't have a beefy pc it will lag
  10. Don't you read it? my computer with E3 and 32GB Ram it is much better than get a host
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  11. Do you use paperspigot? That is almost optimized for skyblock and use stackedmobs plugin :D
  12. There's a lot of issue's that could be causing this but first I need a little more detail:
    • Do you currently have a hopper limit set? [You can view this in the ASkyblock - config.yml]
    • What version is your server currently running? [I recommend changing to PaperSpigot - as it's more optimised for skyblock servers using lots of redstone & hoppers]
  13. The memory of your server way be affecting its ability to operate on perfect 20's. However, there may be floating entities on several islands or your Askyblock limits may haven't been set. Make sure you have a mob limit set because if they'e mated several times throughout the day, they can easily overrun a players island. You as well need to limit the amount of chests, hoppers, and item frames. These three items will lag the clients as well as the server itself.

    You may as well want to look into a possible spawner limit for islands and the limit in which liquids can move on islands. Meaning, water and lava can't flow over an island without a valid reason.
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