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  1. Hi, so I have a really big problem right now. After testing my recently opened SkyBlock server for a few weeks, I haven't noticed anything. So of course, today I open the server and one of my players tells me that normal world is spawning.

    Please note that this is a water-world, not a void world. I'm using Multiverse along with CleanroomGenerator. I generated the world correctly, but all of a sudden huuuge normal world chunks are spawning. It's too much to simply WorldEdit and furthermore, the issue would just keep occurring.

    I really don't want to have to, but I assume I have to reset the world. Is there an alternative to CleanroomGenerator? I assume that C.G. is the issue.. I've seen plugins like EmptyWorldGenerator, but I need something that allows me to configure the world like C.G. I need the bottom layer to be bedrock, then "x" layers of water above. Any help? This is kind of a major issue as I'd like to be able to re-open the server as soon as possible. :( Any help would be extremely appreciated.

    Many thanks ~
  2. Is it because your setting your skyblock map for the main world happen to me before you need to set your main world at your spawn its best for you restart your map and next time don't put your spawn or your main world in the skyblock world.
  3. Open bukkit.yml

    and add this is the bottom,

    generator: CleanroomGenerator:.
  4. Sorry, what do you mean?
  5. Is that necessary? I have Multiverse and created the world via "/mv create worldname -g CleanromGenerator:<blah blah>"
  6. You should have "Spawn" as your main world and skyblock as your secondary. if level-name is set to Skyblock then the server will generate chunks for it as you have seen. so either make a new world and use your old sky block as the spawn or use the bukkit.yml settings. the reason for that is because the server can generate chunks before the plugins are loaded.
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  7. I'm... very stupid. I have a secondary "staff world" for minigames, so I set it there to be default. Now W/E "//regen" command works. I think that fixed it. I didn't add the Bukkit.yml though. Otherwise, I'm good -- right? Thank you so much! :D
  8. Yeah as long as your sky block world isn't in "level-name" then you're sweet.
  9. Great, thanks! Think this is solved. You just saved me a lot of work. :)
  10. That's what I try saying lol/
  11. Oh well thank you too :p