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  1. im trying to find a way to make it so that when people create an island it makes it in a separate world rather than having them all together. cannot seem to find anything
  2. What SkyBlock plugin are you running?
  3. I was using uskyblock but i switched to iridium skyblock
  4. Why exactly are to trying to have new/different worlds for different players?

    I can only imagine the struggle the server would have while having to load tens or hundreds of different worlds, no matter if players are online or not. Would be a major kick in the performance.

    Edit: You probably meant having your spawn world different from islands world... o_O
    If the plugin you're running doesn't have an option to specify in which world the islands would be created, you could try using something like World Loader (or similar, eg. Multiverse-Core, MultiWorld) and creating your new, spawn world.
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