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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by GaIaxy, May 4, 2017.

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  1. GaIaxy


    I have an idea for a custom SkyBlock server.

    However, I'll need some input on it. It hasn't been developed yet, and is just an idea.

    There's many things that I'd need to do like:

    - Get a name
    - Secure a domain
    - Get a staff team
    - Gather input and sketch ideas and planning

    Without going into too much detail, here's the jist of it.

    You create an island like any other SkyBlock server. The entire Sky Realm is PVP enabled, and anyone can come visit your island and take your loot. However, there's island defenses that you can enable and upgrade. The only way to upgrade these is collect resources at an asteroid that spawns every hour and lasts for 10 minutes. The asteroid is PVP enabled, and everyone can kill everyone. Metals are in the ore veins, and can be used to make parts for the island defenses. There's mobs on the asteroid that drop important loot as well, but are high level.

    Each asteroid is dependent on your "Skill Level". For instance, there's a Low, Mid, and High level asteroid. Each progressing in difficulty. You can only enter your skill level + higher asteroid. This helps lower levels not get destroyed by higher levels.

    There's more thought that needs into this, as it's just a rough draft. If you're interested in helping shape this, feel free to message me or respond here. Obviously I laid out some detail about this idea. If it's already done, please reference me to that server.I also have more in-depth detail about how I think this would work, but that is only available to myself as I draft some things. Obviously I don't want someone running away with this idea.

    Why would you post this, someone could steal it!
    Sure, but they don't know everything that is required for this concept. Currently it's just a thought, and nothing more.

    Why not post in the hiring section?
    Because I'm not hiring people. I'm looking for people that would be interested first, and also to see if this idea can shape into something new.

    I'm interested, what can I do?
    Post what you are capable of doing. Obviously there is many pieces of this puzzle needing done. Are you a graphic designer and want to help with concept graphics? Are you a plugin developer and think you might have an idea to do this? Post what you can do, I'd be interested to see what it is.

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  2. I used to play on a server with a similar concept a while back, it was more like factions + skyblock, but nothing was protected and there was a KOTH every 24h where you could get special loot to protect your island.

    The problem was that people didn't really get it.. most players that joined understood that their island wasn't protected and they had to find a way of protecting it, but they just played like normal skyblock, they end up getting raided and killed by someone else and therefore left the server out of frustration.

    In addition, the players who had been playing for a while already had everything they needed, and it was extremely easy for them to take over someone elses smaller island, even with a "pvp timer" implemented where new players can't be killed/raided at the beginning of their gameplay.

    Lastly, if someone got raided or killed etc. Chat would turn into a big argument. The person getting raided would say that it's not fair and the people raiding would say "haha ur a noob" and such.

    That was just my experience, you can do whatever you want and I'm sure if done right it can work well :p
    In my experience, mixing skyblock with a pvp/raiding gamemode turned out to not be such a good idea. It's 2 completely different playerbases and therefore creates conficts!
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  3. GaIaxy


    That's where resets or different skill realms come into play.
  4. Quite interesting. Personally the hardest part is the name and getting the Domain, cause not everything will be your first choice. The thing with Thanatos is we wanted it as, but hey it didn't happen and didn't work either. But thats up to you. GOOD staff are hard to find nowadays, because every single person last night came onto the server and went and I quote, "Can I be staff please?" Now, I don't mind that shit, but when you annoy the hell out of me, and keep asking, you are going to get a middle finger.
    As for the server idea, its brilliant, it would just need some cash put into it, but hey, thats on you, but the idea as an overall concept is a good one at that.
    Good Luck
  5. That's a very interesting concept, I hope you actually start working on it and won't think about quitting on the first obstacle during the development. I haven't yet stumbled upon a such concept, that's why I think this could work. However, while you know how your type of skyblock would be played, don't expect players to know it too. Take your time and in whatever way explain the way it has to be played. A high portion of players would just play the regular skyblock and wouldn't expect anyone to invade their island unless you'd explain your players there's a chance of it happening. Don't make it too rough on the new players as nowadays players expect everything to be served on a silver plate and they couldn't care less about you wanting players to work towards the progress. Some just think everything will fall from sky - don't make that happen either. You'll have to find the perfect path between too easy (players would max their stats out and get bored) and too hard (they'll just understand it's not worth it). As always, advertising is the golden key of success and if you lack it, you simply can't succeed (there are exceptional cases). Speaking of staff, I myself (you can do differently), don't give staff perks that could improve their gameplay in any way. Flying is enabled only on duty mode and whilst in the mode you can't do anything but spectate. Staff is not supposed to enjoy their gameplay as they serve players and deal with their problems, having their own gameplay and problems in the lowest priority.

    Also, what kind of defenses are we speaking? I imagine towers that shoot arrows or something? Whatever it is, I can't wait to see your way of execution. You mentioned skill levels, will they be based on the island level or a separate level calculated by the K/D (plus other factors) whilst on the asteroid? If it's going to be simply a reflection of your performance on the asteroid, I imagine the island level being ignored, since it has no role? Overall, you could think of a formula that involves the classical ASkyblock island level in combination with the said skill level. It's hard to imagine what you're going to do with this, but there's lots to it. I'm left to imagine since you told us a very small portion of your idea - and you should keep it that way if you
    Of course who am I to tell you what to do since it's your server and I'm not somebody that does excellently well as I run quite a small server of 15-30 server player on a daily basis.

    Moreover, you can contact me here, in PMs or Discord at if you wish to talk this down further.

    Good luck.
  6. GaIaxy


    I think an easy way to avoid this is with announcements.

    "[Server] Island Raiding is now ENABLED for 4 hours!"
    "Server -> Player: You're island is not secure! You can be raided for the next 4 hours."

    That *might* help a little bit, as people would be aware of the situation. I think that within a help GUI, it'd explain that and make it clear that any islands can be raided.

    I thought about that. One main way to fix this would be skill levels. A new play would be classified as "Low" skill level, or perhaps something else like "Newb." Basically, they can only attack their level and higher. So a high skilled player couldn't attack lows/mids. After X amount of time, a reset or a new realm would become available. Keeping things fresh would hopefully allow new players to join the fun and enjoy their time.

    I plan on having security devices that you can unlock or but. This may be in the form of a custom plugin to help avoid the problems of TNT cannons, etc. Basically, you get an item (or make it) and place it on the ground. It'll spawn a defense such as Long-Rage arrow defense, short-range explosives, or various other methods. These may require a custom item to be placed into the gamed (renders, or whatever they are called).

    Skill level would probably be broken down by:
    - Island defenses (more defenses and more complex defenses = higher island level)
    - "Power" (Gained by killing players/mobs)

    There would probably be more, but I think these two would make the game a little more balanced.

    This is all heavily a thought right now, and would need a ton more planning. I'm currently by myself with all of this, so I don't have a group of people to share thoughts and gather input to help this idea grow. However, if people are interested then I'd be happy to have the extra help.
  7. Sounds solid.
  8. GaIaxy


    I'll add you on Discord if you're interested in speaking further.
  9. GaIaxy


    Here in the near future, I'll be looking for a few people to possibly help shape this idea and concept.

    Required Team:

    - Developers
    - SySAdmins
    - Graphic Designers
    - Builders
    - Content Creators
    - Moderation

    As this is just a thought, payment wouldn't happen until we know what is needed done. I just need to get a poll of people interested.

    You can register on the website or contact me.

    Looking forward to hearing from a few people.

    *Please PM me if you can do any of the above. I'll be looking to hire shortly and want to get a list*
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