Spigot SkyBlock Island Chat 1.1

Island chat for aSkyBlock

  1. HippoPlayz submitted a new resource:

    SkyBlock Island Chat - Island chat for aSkyBlock

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  2. Isn't there an island chat for ASkyBlock already?
  3. I think there is like a party system but I do not believe there is for just for talking to people like this.
  4. Can you make it 1.7 compatible?
  5. Sure. I will do it ASAP. :)
  6. JugadorNinja


    can you make this compatible with DeluxeChat? thanks
  7. @HippoPlayz loong long time ago are the latest update? xD shame.
    You can just update it all to latest versions from 1.8 and up to 1.12.2 and up just that? that will be cool tnx