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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Edward_TheMaster, May 12, 2015.

  1. Hey everyone, im Edward_TheMaster.owner of a skyblock server.
    I want to know like when i see big server they're have [lvl xxx] in front if their group/prefix.

    I use IslandWorld plugins. I know we can use deluxe chat for that. But if i use deluxe chat the level is so high like it count on the island point for example [lvl 256729]. I saw a another server they used IslandWorld to but they have not to long level for example if the island point is 200k the level will say [lvl 200] (increase 1 level if ur island point increase 1k) if anyone know the plugins please. PM ME i really need it Thanks for the Advice :D
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    With DeluxeChat you could make a JavaScript placeholder which increments the Level shown every 1k points if that is what you want. Would be very easy to do with a little bit of math in your custom placeholder script.
  3. Uh... Sorry but im not to good at java. Can u send me it or what??

    I purchased DeluxeChat Already =)
    Thats why i asked it xD