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coblestone generator, ore generator, skyblock

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  2. Can you make the plugin for the 1.8?
  3. Especially for you tested - on 1.8.8 work
  4. Please added support IslandWorld plugin.
  5. Their api does not allow detect the level of the island according to the coordinates of the block in it.
    Only by user name.
    But I think that I can make integration with them - will be in the next update
  6. i would say there is something wrong lol

    i am in world... but the gen keeps generating ores xD
  7. It is enough to make a definition for the nickname + perm, which will establish a chance for the appearance of ore.
    I apologize for my english, I used google translator.
  8. Oh - I'm sorry) - a typo

    Instead of skippedWorlds should be skipWorlds in config file

    Yes, of course, the fact is that here the BlockFromToEvent event is used, which transmits information only about the block But I already have ideas how to implement this in the next version - and sory for my english - i use google translate too xD
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  9. any idea how to add items such as granitte , dorite etc i tried the item id but it wont work.
  10. I'll add this feature in a few days
  11. How would you set one configuration as true? For example, I want it to just be cobblestone and coal. I made a configuration for this. Does /sbog reload cycle through the configurations?
  12. Code (Text):
         - 'COBBLESTONE:90'
         - 'COAL_ORE:10'
    of 100 blocks - 90% will be cobblestone, 10% - coal
    /sbog reload reset all counters - for example - if you mine 30 blocks with this config (leave 60 blocks to first coal ore) and reload config - you need mine again 90 blocks for one coal ore
    p.s. sorry - my english not good
  13. Does this mean if I type /sbog reload and mine 100 blocks and 90 of those are cobblestone and the rest are coal then all blocks from there on out will have that same ratio? I don't understand. Maybe someone else can explain? Or does the video explain it better?
  14. Never mind, I found a different plugin. Thank you for the help!
  15. Is there any permission node I could use? I'd like to cutomize ores according to ranks like Vips etc..
  16. Yes... exists - "premium" section in config
    vip1, vip2 - permission nodes - you can rename it your like
    /pex user PLAYER add vip1

  17. Hi so I'm having an issue where even though a player has achieved a certain island level, they still do not get the oregen. So we have it set to level 300 they unlock gold, but they dont get gold. it sets them as if they are island level 0?
  18. Spigot version
    SkyBlock plugin type and version
    OreGenerator config file
    Player permissions
  19. this does not work on acid island unless i havent added something in the config any ideas?