SkyBlock Performance based on MC Version

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  1. I am in the planning stages of my network currently and I was wondering what the reasoning is to use one version of spigot over the other when it comes to skyblock. I have seen many places preaching for 1.8 skyblock but I am wondering what if at all are the benefits of this? Is it performance? I understand having the server be a 1.8 and then allowing the connections up to 1.14. The only benefit I can think of is most plugins have some form of 1.8 support.
  2. Possibly pvp on 1.8 is different?
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  3. For SkyBlock is 1.14 better it has more Features than the 1.8 has.
    And 1.14 is in my mind better in Performance.
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  4. Celebrimbor


    Were you born yesterday? Please stop crap posting...
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  5. What have I done that you insult me?
  6. Celebrimbor


    Post/rate boosting with @DekoLP(who has liked almost every crap post of yours), but mainly suggesting on multiple instances that 1.14 has great performance to those looking for constructive advice.
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  7. Sorry if your opinion does not agree with mine. But Mojang has a lot in the 1.14 also improves performance and stability.

    But I think we can get along here without insults right?
  8. I agree with Celebrimbor, 1.14 isnt stable at all, and requires a very good CPU and a higher amount of RAM to run the server
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    I can get along with you, just stop post boosting and stop saying insane things like this:
    You might actually have someone read this false information and act on it...
  10. Also, dont quote me on this, isnt 1.14 the version with the most bugs in the game reported since 1.9?
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    It still has game-breaking bugs, after 3 months and 4 sub-releases. It's just a fail...

    This is getting off topic now. I just could not sit by and watch someone go around the forums saying that 1.14 outperforms 1.8.
  12. What? 1.14 is tremendously slow compared to other versions below it and is definitely not optimized in performance for a large scale player base.
  13. I know for a fact 1.14 is not very stable. Well it works for my SMP with minimal plugins but overall pretty bad performance if not tweaked properly. I am basically just wanting to know any benefits of lets say a 1.8 skyblock compared to running it on 1.13.
  14. Most of the PvP community uses 1.8, so if you're planning on implementing a pvp aspect to your skyblock, stick to 1.8, if not, just upgrade up to 1.12 - 1.13
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  15. Yeah im thinking of just doing 1.12 as ASkyBlock will work for that.
  16. Yeah i have BSkyblock on 1.13.2, server runs beeaautiful
  17. Most of the *obsessive* PvP community. Everyone else just learnt to deal with timing their clicks.

    I'd go with 1.12 or 1.13 if you need performance, or 1.14 for the extra blocks and mobs if you can deal with the performance hit. You can always slap ViaVersion on if you use the older ones so players who can't figure out versions can still get on.
  18. No, most of the pvp community uses 1.8.
  19. Yep I agree with Husku. If you have very good CPU and RAM you can use 1.14 but if you have low system you should go with 1.8