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  1. Hello,
    I'm starting up a new Custom Skyblock server soon, and was curious what're the new plugins everyone wants/needs to improve the experience for the players.
    Before I start paying for custom ones, I would like to know if some already exist.
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  2. "Custom SkyBlock"

    *Wants public plugins*
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  3. I want lots of custom plugins, but if there's options for public plugins, I'm not going to waste my money.
  4. It's not custom then if you use something that anyone could use.
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  5. I'd define "custom" with unique, as many of us would, and calling something that just means it's different then what other come up with. If I have Essentials installed on a server that's custom coded every where else, does that make it not custom?
  6. It's not custom coded, it's just custom configured. You can't really use Essentials as a example because anyone could copy your Essentials config with out even having access to it.
    Kits? Easy to copy.
    Books? same.
    Welcome Message? yep.
    Chat Formats? Yea!

    There's a difference from custom plugins and custom configurations.
  7. You missed my point. Your last comment indicated that If my server has even one plugin that anyone else can have, it becomes not custom, which is completely wrong in my opinion, and I'm sure many would agree..
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  8. No. I never said that.
    I said that if you try to use
    Then it becomes not CUSTOM MADE like you say it is.

    Hopefully the big text helps you understand more.
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  9. Incorrect, I said I would like not to spend an absurd amount of money on plugins already created, but still have some made. unfortunately for you I do not have the patience to deal with a child such as yourself, so I will not highlight any letters for you.
  10. To be honest, just make what you think is good, improve on ideas, and think of cool little unique perks that could make your server stand out. Let's be honest with ourselves, Advertising is where the players come from, just because you have custom plugins, does not mean players will flock to your server.
  11. You are definitely not worthy enough to argue with anymore lol.
    I'm telling you now what you just freaking stated.
    You're going to use public plugins if a plugin is available to you that is free.
    Therefore that's not going to make your server custom like you want it.
    Your server is going to die because it's not unique and doesn't have a owner who understands uniqueness.
    You don't spend the money, you don't have the custom made plugins you so clearly state you will have.

    Let's just say you will have Skyblock.. okay?
    You see aSkyBlock is free.
    Mostly EVERYONE uses aSkyBlock.
    You're not custom, it's not unique.
    You won't understand.
  12. I understand that, but more for myself, I'd like it to be as unique as possible, thanks for the comment.
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  13. As just said by ChavitaHD, players come from Advertising, not a server being unique.
  14. You are kinda being a cock, just stop, this guy is just wanting honest answers and all you are doing is continuing to make this community as bad as it is, let's not kill it off as the bukkit forums were.
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  15. You are telling him what he wants to hear, which won't happen lol.
    The truth hurts
    don't lie to him.
  16. It does, and the reality is that, without an excessive amount of funds, the server won't go anywhere, but if he wants to spend his time working on this, fuck it, let him be.

    I am telling the truth, advertising is where players come from, that is facts, being custom won't get you anywhere. 9/10 server using ASkyBlock, 7/10 of them do not customize it, PrimeMC, LemonCloud, etc. But ey, advertising is where the players come.
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  17. And that's what I'm telling him so..
    why do you care about what I do?
    I'm just telling him if he doesn't want to spend the funds on custom plugins and use free plugins if they exist it's not going to get anywhere.
    Mostly every popular server has custom plugins even if there are free alternatives out there that can do it.
    PrimeMC & LemonCloud both have custom features which are keeping players to stay.
    You can advertise all you want but if you have no unique features they won't stay.
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  18. Config


    A server can be generic and still get thousands of players. My first few networks didn't have any custom plugins at all and got a few hundred players peak, and now my networks still mostly run on public plugins & are doing well. It seems like you're speaking with no experience at all.
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  19. I had enough experience.
    Sure it can be generic but it's unlikely to get thousands unless you have unique features. If you have the original aSkyblock plugin installed with no other features. It's really unlikely to get players to stay.
    You must have had unique features.
    You had at least a few custom made plugins.
    I doubt anyone could do this skyblock stuff with no custom plugins because skyblock is only improving have you seen SkyRealms? They literally have per player servers for each skyblock island with custom challenges.
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