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SKyBlock server spawn

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by robonit, Jun 15, 2013.

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  1. Hi,

    Is anyone willing to make me a SkyBLock server spawn?

    I just want a very simple one with signshops, place to kills mobs, donor info, how to play (basic commands). I would like it to be just floating in the sky. I am willing to pay a couple dollars for it.

  2. /tp 0 129 0
    //cyl 20%stonebrick,10%98:1,10%goldblock,50%diamondblock,10%98:2 16 1
    /tp 0 130 0

    That'll be $5 plox.
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  3. Haha, thats actually pretty cool. Is there anyway of you making is so that on the edges it creates a cyl that goes up and out a few blocks randomly?
  4. Sure...

    //hcyl 20%stonebrick,10%98:1,10%goldblock,30%diamondblock,30%air 17 2
    //hcyl 20%stonebrick,10%98:1,10%goldblock,30%diamondblock,30%air 18 2
    //hcyl 20%stonebrick,10%98:1,10%goldblock,30%diamondblock,30%air 19 2

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  5. I could make one for you, but I want you to pay when like half of the work is done. Just to make sure you are not scamming me.
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  6. This topic is like One year old, not needed bump?
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  7. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    Very 0ld thread that has been bumped -- thread locked
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