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  1. Hi guys. Hope you are all well and the servers are running good :)

    I've been trying to install uSkyBlock and for the love of me I can not figure out why it's not working.

    I stop the server ,upload the plugin and restart it. It creates the uSkyBlock plugin folder and config file, but doesn't generate the skyworld - which it's supposed to do.

    Everytime I try /skyblock /island it tells me there is "an internal error".

    Any one else been through this and know the fix? I had no issue doing it previously on another server...*shrugs*
  2. Outlaw11A


    Post the error reports here and we might be able to help you.
  3. P3ZZL3 - Did you read what you need for uSkyBlock? I'm fairly certain you need multiverse as uSkyBlock is just a generator not a multiworld plugin.
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    You can use uSkyblock as the main world but it will not create new worlds which is where multiverse would kick in.
    I have it as a dedicated server so I skipped the multiworld part.

    Just waiting for Nether integration...
  5. Morning Guys.

    I have Multiverse Core, Protals, Inventories installed.
    The Multiverse Core World Config file even adds in SkyWorld and sets up the parameters.

    It just doesn't generate the world. Now, I tried porting across the old world on the old server, but it still did not recognize it.

    am I missing something blatantly obvious in the config file like "turn on world generation" ?

    It even creates a player file for me in the plugin folder..........