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  1. Does anyone know a skype api for java which I can use. I tried using the taksan skype api (, but it requires you to install skype on the machine running the plugin, which is not possible since I only have a VPS running ubuntu CLI.
  2. You need to explain what you're trying to do.
  3. Code (Text):

    add-apt-repository "deb $(lsb_release -sc) partner"
    apt-get update && sudo apt-get install skype
  5. This would install it, to use the java api, I need to run it and log in to it and then add the plugin as a 3rd party to use skype (AFAIK)
  6. I made a plugin with this, but everytime the plugin starts, it stops my server.
    My code:
    Code (Text):
    [18:32:19 INFO]: [BlockOpsSkype] Enabling BlockOpsSkype v1.0
    [18:32:19 INFO]: Stopping server
    [18:32:19 INFO]: [BlockOpsSkype] Disabling BlockOpsSkype v1.0
    Can you please help me?
  7. Try the original source, not the fork.
  8. It runs on maven, so I can't get a jar version. It also needs dependencies.
  9. Convert it to maven ;)
  10. How would I go about doing that?
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  11. Yeah I'm looking for a skype api for java. I'll try this jSkype out now.

    EDIT: Looks like maven repo for jSkype is down.
  12. I already have my API, I am just having trouble using it.
  13. Lookup maven install-file.
  14. Bump - Still having this error:
  15. I don't have a solution, but if this is going to be a public plugin, can you let me know when it's released? I'm actually just super curious why one would need to integrate Skype into minecraft. Peaks my interest.
  16. Its a private plugin, sorry about that. If you want. I could PM you about what I am doing.
  17. Could the line
    Code (Text):

    skype = new SkypeBuilder("*******", "*****").withAllResources().build();
    be handing the thread?
    Maybe try putting it in the BukkitTask?