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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by seekhof, May 15, 2016.

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I have created a Skype group full of experienced plugin developers.
    Feel free to post any questions you might have or talk about anything related to plugin development. Please do not post basic Java questions or ask about non-programming things (Like configuring a server). Also, this is a programmer only chat. Do NOT join if you are not a programmer.

    Skype group: removed
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  2. Skype groups never work. Never. So I'm gonna teach you a much better alternative

    1. Open HexChat (Or emacs if you're smart)
    2. Join irc.spi.gt:6667 (M-x erc RET irc.spi.gt RET 6667 RET username RET RET)
    3. Profit
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  3. i think there is already a rly experienced dev chat and i hear it is full of memes and dreams so i wouldn't try to beat it
  4. They work, trust me :p
    I've made a Skype group like 1 year and a half ago, it's still full of active people, or at least it's not dead yet.
  5. Someone impersonated @md_5 in that chat, so sad...
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  6. He's also sending dickpics...
  7. Told you they don't work :p
  8. Yeah, PSA: this chat is a mess, just run away as far as you can
  9. Code (chat (Unknown Language)):

    [18.02.52] Sebastiaan: i smell a ban wave
    [18.03.01] Finn_Bueno_ (finnbon) [|] MC Plugin Derpeloper [|]: Is that a threat...?
    [18.03.02] Kazami-san: Wow
    [18.03.02] Bram Hagens // Spigot Developer: Finn, add me please
    [18.03.06] Kazami-san: Okay
    [18.03.09] Йан Идар || Прохимыст || Proximyst: Finn. That ain't a threat
    [18.03.10] Finn_Bueno_ (finnbon) [|] MC Plugin Derpeloper [|]: Of course!
    [18.03.15] Йан Идар || Прохимыст || Proximyst: IT's a request for revolution
    [18.03.16] Spooky Doge: Pretty soon there’ll be no users left if you just keep banning people :P
    [18.03.18] Kazami-san: Finn
    [18.03.22] Kazami-san: Add me, Finn
    [18.03.24] Jitse [ZeroBits]: Add me too please :)
    [18.03.25] Йан Идар || Прохимыст || Proximyst: Bram is the leader
    [18.03.29] Finn_Bueno_ (finnbon) [|] MC Plugin Derpeloper [|]: Sure sure, just send me a Skype invite
    [18.03.44] *** Sebastiaan removed Spooky Doge from this conversation. ***
    [18.03.48] *** Sebastiaan removed Kazami-san from this conversation. ***
    [18.03.52] *** Sebastiaan removed Йан Идар || Прохимыст || Proximyst from this conversation. ***
    That's a great convo.

    Code (chat (Unknown Language)):

    [18.01.00] Sebastiaan: Op 15-05-16, om 17:00, schreef Finn_Bueno_ (finnbon) [|] Java Developer [|]:
    > Keep it english please

    Dude, its my chat.
    [18.01.03] Finn_Bueno_ (finnbon) [|] MC Plugin Derpeloper [|]: It isn't too hard I believe
    [18.01.14] Kazami-san: So?
    [18.01.15] Jitse [ZeroBits]: Hold on
    [18.01.19] Йан Идар || Прохимыст || Proximyst: So..
    [18.01.19] Finn_Bueno_ (finnbon) [|] MC Plugin Derpeloper [|]: Yes, so? It doesn't make you more important
    [18.01.19] Jitse [ZeroBits]: There are dutch people here?
    [18.01.21] Jitse [ZeroBits]: ;o
    [18.01.23] Finn_Bueno_ (finnbon) [|] MC Plugin Derpeloper [|]: Yes there are
    [18.01.27] Finn_Bueno_ (finnbon) [|] MC Plugin Derpeloper [|]: They are everywhere
    [18.01.27] Jitse [ZeroBits]: Cool :D
    [18.01.32] Sebastiaan: natuurlijk
    [18.01.34] Finn_Bueno_ (finnbon) [|] MC Plugin Derpeloper [|]: Just like the bikes are all around amsterdam
    [18.01.40] Jitse [ZeroBits]: xD
    [18.01.41] Йан Идар || Прохимыст || Proximyst: Because you're the owner of the chat..
    you're allowed to think you're better?
    And decide over others? :o
    [18.01.54] Bram Hagens // Spigot Developer: Sounds like a dictatorship
    [18.01.58] Йан Идар || Прохимыст || Proximyst: mhm
    [18.01.58] Finn_Bueno_ (finnbon) [|] MC Plugin Derpeloper [|]: Selfishness at it's finest
    [18.02.03] Йан Идар || Прохимыст || Proximyst: I better hide my green socks
    I love it.
    Dictatorship at it's finest
  10. Get your fresh popcorn here to enjoy the show!
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  11. Those names lmao
    Code (Text):
    [18.02.01] xXx_D3v3l0p3r_4_m1n3cr4ft_xXx [|] selling services {[~|~]} join my server: minecraft.com <}\~/{> ign: Notch [|]: Hey guys
    Skype groups don't work. Join the IRC instead - much simpler and not full of trolls 24/7.
  12. Code (Text):
    [12:28:07 PM] Julian v.d Berkmortel: Can someone please tell me what this developer chat is even alive?
    [12:28:21 PM] Redrield: Because people keep trying
    [12:28:21 PM] Julian v.d Berkmortel: Tell me a single good thing that can come out of it lol
    [12:28:22 PM] Redrield: and failing
    [12:28:27 PM] Redrield: I keep trying to tell them
    [12:28:29 PM] Redrield: irc.spi.gt
    [12:28:32 PM] Redrield: just freaking use it
    [12:28:40 PM] AdamJLE: ^
    [12:28:58 PM] Sebastiaan: if you dont like the chat
    [12:29:00 PM] Sebastiaan: just leave
    [12:29:02 PM] Julian v.d Berkmortel: true, and luckily I'm in a slack group with some awesome people who can at times be serious, but these dev chats don't work out at all, never
    [12:29:20 PM] *** Sebastiaan removed Redrield from this conversation. ***
    Salty dictator.
  13. Serializator


    He's an idiot, simple as that.
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  14. How is @Redrield an idiot? Better consider that again.
  15. Serializator


    I wasn't talking about @Redrield :D
  16. KK good
  17. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    And people wonder why we don't allow advertising these things.
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