Skype logs between several large server owners and Grum about EULA and selling ranks

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Martijnie, Jun 5, 2014.

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  2. "Grum and Erik" ... Erik is Grum ;P

    But yes he isn't that good at representing the company. But neither are most of the Mojang staff judging by there public behaviour on twitter.
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  3. Damn, I just read pretty much through that whole thing, and what WoodysGamertag said was just insperational, and I never knew Erik was such a d**khead.. :O
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  4. So Skype logs from server owners are always usually in that mood. I figured so from the few I have been in.
  5. From my personal experience server owners demand so much from mojang but what they dont get is mojang is not bukkit and spigot. Erik is trying to defend himself when there are so many owners and mojang is small. It is true mojang makes money from the servers but they arent really responsible for them. Thats where a lot of the conflict resides
  6. Mojang is the total opposite of SMALL.
  7. *cough* Bitcoin *cough*
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  8. Did you read these logs? Mojang have said they want to make it so servers cannot make money of there servers. This isn't about server owners expecting new things from Mojang etc.

    Without servers putting a lot of time and effort into there development and server there would be a horrible user experience for Minecraft players on multiplayer.

    What Mojang do not understand is that majority of people playing Minecraft play servers because the unique content generated. Also that if time effort and MONEY aren't put into the servers then the servers will be crap. Crap servers mean most users will consider Minecraft crap. Servers reflect onto Minecraft. Most users probably think Minecraft Servers content is made by Minecraft.
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  9. If you read it Erik says:
    1. [3/06/2014 10:13:47 PM] Erik Broes: we'll actually explicitly *LET* you make money in what

    2. we discussed this morning
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  10. > Makes million a year
    > Want's to kill part of the reason they make millions/year
    Looks like mojang wants to get rid of session servers bcuz lelddos got 2 strunk
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  11. When Mojang enforces server owners to stop donations, nothing will change. When Mojang starts shutting down hundreds of huge servers, then we can start worrying a little. If not, there is nothing to worry about.
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  12. They will only go after ones such as hypixel or mineplex so they can possibly recoup some of the lawyer fees. Otherwise they don't have enough spare cash to throw into law suits.
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  13. Well I have nowhere near the popularity of either of those servers, so no sweat off of my back.
  14. Technically, those logs show a Mojang employee distributing Mineplex's stuff. Heh.
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. I'm in this Skype chat -.-
  17. Same, quite a heated convo it has been.
  18. May I be added to this conversation on skype? :)
  19. I would like to be added, too. I want to add some points.

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