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  1. Hello. I recently opened a new server and I'm wondering if you'll come and check it out. I need some feedback, so it would be very much appreciated. I would love to improve my server so all information would be great. Take care.

    Server IP:
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  2. ._.
    To be frank, no one here really cares. We are mostly server owners and developers. You would have much more luck posting on PMC
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  3. Get a proper domain and please don't choose such an overused name.
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  4. Choose*
    Looks like OP has no money and players so he/she thought lets get some by advertising on spigot!
  5. he spent all his money on that hq host he has there.
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  6. Actually, I thought that I could get some critique on my server, therefore, I couldn't care less about your opinion.
  7. Awww, thanks for the feedback. Judging a server on its ip, that's low.
  8. i went on and my hope for the server owning community dropped even lower.
  9. Thanks for being a bit more positive than some people on here. At least its constructive criticism.
  10. get on ill help u if u want tips.
  11. I guess I could use tips. I'm using this hosting service with this long ip becuase:
    1. They respond quickly if I contact them
    2. They're reliable
    3. It's very simple to configure with the hosting site
    4. I don't need to use my IP for the server ip.
  12. how much for your server?
  13. I mean what is the servers ip? xD