Spigot SkyPvP v1.0

SkyPvP is a minigame where you need to survive on the island with enemies.

  1. VS6


    Hello Im A Huge Fan Of Skypvp Also Thanks For Making This Plugin Free ^^
    I Just Wanted To Ask Do I Have To Build The Islands Or It Will Generate?
  2. you have to build
  3. Nice plugin. But, isn't that Mineplex's SkyWars logo? :p
  4. Thanks , yes :))
  5. how do i set it up? its confusing. Are there any required plugins?
  6. what do yoiu mean no exist
  7. No request plugins
  8. but how do i set it up everyone says its great
  9. You can set arena with /skypvp setspawn and /skypvp setquit set spawn and leave arena
  10. Can u make it for multiworld server and not bungeecord maybe bungecoord, too.

    i use a minigame server only spigot for me and my friends and running other minigames i need it, that in config is an option to only activate on one world and not the whole server would it be possible?