SkyWars Reloaded is having trouble loading enchanted items

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  1. SOLVED- I did some more tinkering with ymls and after messing around with backups I figured it out. SkyWars reloaded using different enchantment IDs than the ones on the bukkit lists, which is what was wrong. SkyWars reloaded wasn't recognizing the enchantments I had put in.

    SkyWars Reloaded will not load any items I add enchantments to within the kits. It's very frustrating, because my friend and I have spent hours creating a gradient of powerful and defensive kits to balance PvP, but none of the enchanted items want to load. Here's an example of a kit I made that won't load its sword-

    "#The name of the kit
    kitName: MELEE- Swordsman
    # The material this kit should have in the inventory menu
    icon: diamond_sword
    # The position the kit will hold in the inventory menu starting from the top left and moving right.
    # No two kits can use the same number. This value allows you to sort the kits however you want.
    menuPostion: 2
    # The cost to use the kit in one game.
    cost: 0
    # The cost to permanent unlock the kit.
    permCost: 0
    # Additional text added to the lores of the item in the inventory menu. You can use color codes at the start of each line. (optional)
    - Use your sword-fighting skills to your advantage
    # The items in this kit. First item should be the material name (as found on
    # The second number is the quantity of the item that will be given.
    # The third item and so on is for Enchantments. You can add multiple enchantments by putting a space between each one.
    - potion:16449 1
    - potion:16425 1
    - stone_sword 1 damage_all:1
    - diamond_chestplate 1
    # The potion effects give with this kit. First item should be the potion effect name (as found on No Spaces.
    # The second number is length of time (in seconds) the effect lasts (-1 is Infinite).
    # The third item is the potion strength level.
    potionEffects: []
    #it addes a option for setting the color of leather armor items in chests and kits by using the following format:
    #color:<color> - where <color> is one of the bukkit colors (aqua, black, blue, fuchsia, gray, green, lime, maroon, navy, olive, orange, purple, red, silver, teal,
    #white, yellow).
    #example: - leather_boots 1 color:lime protection:1 featherfall:1"

    I have minimal experience with servers. All I've done is create a BungeeCord server that has a skywars server and a lobby server built into it. I've spent quite some time configuring SWR, and it's very frustrating that one of the main features that I wanted to be unique on my server won't work. I'd appreciate any help I can get with my problem. For reference, I'm running a 1.8 server.
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