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  1. I think your problem is due to UltimateArena or COD
  2. I just installed those plugins like 1/2 days ago, and this bug has been going around for weeks.
    I'm always staying at the latest version.
  3. I am prompted to configure skywars plugin I know the BungeeCord mode but the server owner value for I work do not want a 2nd server purchase for skywars because he's a beginer and himself no cost to hunt so my question to you it possible for you to random map selection system and the holographic stats board into one server but the main thing is the holographic stats board you would agree with that point and the server owner for what I am doing very happy experience
  4. Sorry, but if you don't buy the plugin I can't give you support
  5. I have it now but the owner wont want to buy a seccond serevr but hi buy this plugin for the scoreboard function
  6. Cldfire

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    This "owner" you're talking about is going to need to buy the plugin for himself.
  7. He buy it but asked my to confuge it but dont want to buy a second server but want the scoreboard function
  8. SkyWars Lobby esta mal compilado.
  9. En la
  10. No, perdón por la falsa alarma.
    En la se arregla.
  11. Si, en la lo solucione xD, pero pense que seguia mal por que no lo habia probado
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  12. Can you please explain this...
    1. Make sure the server is in editmode (editmode: true)
    2. Put all worlds in the folder "maps" (The map should already be built)
      1. "maps" It is a folder that is created in the root directory

    What do you mean editmode? Creative?

    I do not see a maps folder, does the plugin create this? It seems like this maybe for bungee only, a lot of the config seems
  13. Nevermind, I deleted UltimateArena and it works just fine.
    Best SkyWars plugin ever, bust still it would be cool if you used 1.8 (customizable) titles! :D
  14. How i van turn on multi arena mode ?
  15. Install the plugin, restart your server, go to the config file and do this: ( photo for information)
    bungee: false
  16. Yes i hat that alteady findout