Premium SkyWars | UUID Support, new features and many bug fixes! [Paid]

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  1. So, did it work?
  2. Yea but the hologram score board don't and I really want that function
  3. Is it possible to get the random select function and the holograms stats in multi areana mode ?
  4. This is the worst plugin, it is so messed up, i do everything right but i still cant join games, or place down signs, and the Skywars Lobby plugin wont work, How do i fix this? you can join my server if you want to help ip is
  5. So I'm having an issue after the game ends, the map does not reset. Has anyone found a fix to this?
  6. Sorry, but if you don't buy the plugin I can't give you support
  7. For now you have follow the tutorial text, In the next update I'll make a video tutorial on how to configure the plugin

    SkyWarsLobby must be placed in a Lobby Server (Bungee Mode), only work with MySQL
  8. Me and a friend both put 7.50 towards it, I'm not the one who actually made the purchase, I'm just configuring it.
  9. Tell your friend "buyer" to contact with me
  10. Will do.
  11. Add more point multipliers like 4x & 5x & 6x, basicly 1x - 10x (if possible :D)
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  12. I have a problem the command
    /sw addhologram - To add Hologram Stats (Multi Arena Mode)
    do not work but my server is in multiarena mode i tink ?
  13. Hey, im that "buyer" you were looking for.. Can we please get some assistance? Thank you :p
  14. I'm having an issue with your skywars plugin. After a game is finished the map is not resetting, is there a fix to this?

    Additionally, it would be greatly beneficial if the config had an option to execute a console command after the game finishes. At least having that option I could easily use the plugin "Skript" to paste a schematic to "reset" the map after the game finishes, or many other things I - and others have yet to discover.

    Thank you for your time, sincerely jhopp1996 + Nitsan
  15. Watch the tutorial that wil help you out
  16. The developer told me to disable auto world saving, and it worked. As simple as that. :)
  17. You're not in editmode.
    I had the same problem (with signs too).
  18. its dont work it say ''This command doesnt exist''
  19. Then you have editmode: false
    When setting it to true, make sure to save the file and restart your server!