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  1. Hi there my friend and i is in the making of a skywars server. But i wondered if. there is a plugin out there that let me run multiple skywars games on 1 server.

    P.s The server has 2 Gigabites of RAM

    Thanks for the help!
  2. If your server just started 2 skywars games at once shouldn't be needed as you would need a higher playercount for that. Most skywars plugins should be able to do this, but 2gb of ram isn't a lot. If you really want to have many skywars games at once you could plan on making a bungeecord network and have different skywars games on each spigot server ;)

    But as mentioned, you wouldn't need to be able to run 2 games at once if your server just started. Wish you the best luck though gaining a higher playercount! (Also, please check your post for grammer mistakes before posting, you seem to have a lot of them)
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