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    SkyWars - Automate arena minigames

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  2. PhanaticD


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  3. Going to post the new versions now. It is at 1.1.1 currently.

    PhanaticD I got impatient waiting for bukkit to approve the file XD.
  4. Finnaly public :D
  5. You could always make it a uSkyBlock add on!
  6. Il_Picasso You do know that I have already made it, and there is a plus to not having any dependencies.

    Also I don't really see how making an addon for uSkyBlock instead of a full plugin would be any better or easier.
  7. Absolution


    I only have 2 questions:

    1) Can you add kits at the start of every game?

    2) So everytime more players try to join the game the game will create another arena in the same world. That means that I can have several games running at the same time right? And what's the distance between each arena?

  8. A framework for kits at the start of each game isn't in place yet, but you can edit the contents of the chest if you want to.

    Also, yes, there can be unlimited arenas going at the same time. They are 200 blocks apart.
  9. Only one question:

    What will happen when the game is over.
    Will it delete the whole arena or will resset it?
  10. It deletes each arena when the game in that arena is over, and makes a new arena whenever a game starts.
  11. Absolution


    I hope you can add kits soon enough... That should add a more varied gameplay
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    Version 1.1.2

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  13. Thanks for update!