Spigot SkyWarsReloaded 4.1.3

SkyWars with Sign Join Mode, Leaderboards, and Lots of Options

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    SkyWarsReloaded - SkyWars(New and Improved) with map voting and spectator mode

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  2. Are you using any economy plugin. I think vault is throwing the error when it tries to hook into economy.
  3. Thank You!
  4. But when i try /swr join
    it says /swr [args]
  5. Is the plugin loading without errors now? It sounds like the plugin isn't enabled.
  6. nvm fixed everything thanks.
  7. Maybe support for 1.7 is a good idea.
  8. Ok. Great. Let me know if you have any other problems. Also, I see you are running a 1.7. 9 build. I'm curious if SpectatorPlus will work properly. A person using the protocol hack has had some trouble with the Spectate mode.
  9. But the only problem is got with the protocol hack was this
  10. Are you using Spectate mode. That seemed to be the issue. Players were not getting put into Spectate and they were respawning on the game map.
  11. Anyway how to fix that with 1.7?
  12. But it says problem with the SLIME BLOCK
  13. Reply. That is a vault class. You could try using a older version of vault. The version for 1.7.9. That version shouldn't have the new blocks.
  14. I feel so stupid right now thank you!
  15. I will have to look into what can be done for backwards compatibility. I've really only been testing on the latest spigot builds.
  16. I got 3 suggestions btw

    1. Add like double coins thingy for weekends or something
    2. Add nicer signs :D
    3. Add EssentialsChat support like {SWR_POINTS}

    Thank you!
  17. You could just double the score values in the config on those days.

    What's wrong with the signs? Lol
  18. Look the post i added another suggestion!
  19. Chat support is on my to do list.