Spigot SkyWarsReloaded 4.1.3

SkyWars with Sign Join Mode, Leaderboards, and Lots of Options

  1. I use join signs in my main lobby for players to join games. I'd rather not have the three menus as forced hotbar items for all my players when they are in the main lobby (diamond helmet, leather helmet, ender eye). I could not find any config option to disable these, how can I disable these menus in the hotbar?
  2. This is actually a decent plugin - I use it on my network and it's flawless (For the most part); Had a few issues. But I'm unsure since I've not encountered them more than once per issue.

    I do have a request that I feel would be advantageous! And I'd be eternally grateful.

    - /sw join [MAPNAME] (for multimaps)
    This would enable me to add the command to NPC's using Citizens; I know you have signs.. but NPC's are so much smoother. XD

    Keep up the good work!
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  3. Good suggestion :)

    If you want to dig into those few issues you were talking about, make sure to join the Discord so that we can check 'em out.
  4. Does it work with 1.14.2?
  5. No it unfortunately does not.
    This is because the plugin is using NMS to handle some things. This is version based and has to be implemented individually by the developer as ig changes in almost every minecraft release.
    The latest implemented version of NMS is 1.13.2.
    This means that you will have to wait for the author to add the 1.14 NMS methods as well.
    The plugin will automatically disable itself when an unsupported spigot/bukkit version is detected.
  6. Pls fix the kits. Last time I tried this plugin the kits would have to be used through a command. The kit GUI didn't work in-game.
  7. That shouldnt be a problem.
    Join the Discord server on the top of the description page so that we can fix it together
  8. When I'm going to register a map, a message appears in the chat where it says "error.map-failed-to-register" and I dont understand why. Can you please help me to solve this problem?
  9. Check the error in your console. It's most likely that you don't have enough player spawns. This is a skywars bug, if you set the spawns they get removed sometimes. Just set them again.
    Also, do not use beacons anymore if you are.
  10. pls make command /sw join <arena> so we can join a specific arena not a random arena
    and /sw random solo/team so we can join a random arena
    it's will be super nice if added this
  11. Hey,

    As the author is inactive, you will need some other developer to make an extension for SWR to handle this.
    Join my Discord. Maybe we could work something out: https://discord.gg/uGGBQH5
  12. How to time update plguin ?
  13. whaat!!!!
  14. I keep getting an error message error.map-failed-to-register and i have tried a lot, ive put each individual spawn point named it added a creator saved it and everything but it still doesnt work please help
  15. Hey everyone.

    Some exciting news for all 1.14 people.
    GCNT has been working on it and added 1.14 support.
    We've also added some new features:
    - stop the timer from being reset when a new player joins the game (config option)
    - fixed hologram errors
    - fixed the PlaceholderAPI placeholder hook

    We're not officially releasing the plugin, so if you want it make sure to join our Discord.
    You can find our Discord link by clicking below or go to the resource page and click the Discord support link at the top of the site.

    We are also open to new features/fixes, so feel free to request them in our Discord.
  16. If you get this message, there is another message in the console.
    That message probably says that you don't have at least 2 player spawns.
    Sometimes the players won't get saved, so you just need to set them again.
  17. So I need some help. For some reason my skywars are just offline and they won't get back online. They won't register either. Someone help please.
  18. Join the discord listed on the page for help.
  19. Need help Idk if I'm supposed to do something else but when I place chests they don't refill randomly.